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Please do buy the World War One book Diary Of Annie’s War – it’s real history and is on the second page of the website. It’s also on Amazon.

£3 Million In 3 Weeks – The Squirrel Syndicate – A Gambler’s Tale

A fun-filled romp through the stunning gambling successes of a syndicate of punting pals. Fast-paced, entertaining and filled with handy hints that can assist other horse-racing fans.

The Squirrel Syndicate was involved in some amazing antics en route to success, landing some record-breaking wins, and above all they had a hilarious time. If you have a sense of fun and adventure, and don’t mind a bit of madness, then this book might be just what the doctor ordered. Incredibly, this racy, entertaining and informative read might actually improve your punting, but if the fun stops, then stop reading – we suspect you won’t be able to put it down once you’ve picked it up.

Richard Brocklebank with a background in mathematics and physics, brings the winning formula to this his first book. Both authors are Cheshire based, and have punted around the planet. Charles Yates has ghostwritten books for Coronation Street stars – Lynne Perrie – Secrets Of The Street – and Ken Morley – Knowledge Is Power. Charles published a unique World War One book The Diary Of Annie’s War – chronicling the struggles of an Englishwoman behind enemy lines. It’s been described as the German Downton Abbey.

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Showing 1–1 of 2 results